BEARD AND HAT, it's me.

my approach to photography was simple, it all started by capturing short moments on film.

i am a photographer, I am by profession or by vocation, you do. I am an artisan of the image, not an artist. if I have to give myself a definition I would say "narrator of happy events" or if you prefer "wedding storyteller" which is cooler. in substance however I do that stuff there, the photos at weddings.

i live in Northern Italy, with my beloved wife, a band of eleven cats and an old motorcycle. and I am happy. every week I travel to photograph wonderful love stories throughout Italy, as well as abroad.

from November 2017 I have been named "ambassador" for the professional photography portal ProWedding

whether you get married in the snow, or on a beach, in a circus tent or in your backyard, I'd like to be there, to tell your story.